00 / Introduction

Welcome to the official Tiny Tsuki Branding Guidelines. This comprehensive guide is your go-to reference for ensuring the consistent representation of the Tiny Tsuki brand across all channels. It provides detailed instructions on how to use our logo, color schemes, typography, and illustrations. Our guidelines are designed to help you accurately reflect our values and vision in every representation of our brand. We believe that adhering to these guidelines is crucial for upholding our brand’s reputation and fostering a strong, cohesive identity. Whether you are a designer, marketer, or team member, we encourage you to make use of this guide to ensure that every representation of the Tiny Tsuki brand is a true reflection of who we are.

01 / Logo

While our logo can easily be considered a simple wordmark, it's crucial to maintain consistency in its usage to preserve our brand's integrity. The primary version, in TT Blue on a TT Beige or white elipse background (or vice versa), is the preferred choice for most applications. However, our versatile wordmark offers flexibility, allowing for variations in branded colors and the option to include or omit the tagline. Whether you're crafting marketing materials or digital assets, always aim to showcase the Tiny Tsuki logo in its optimal form, reinforcing our brand identity with every presentation. Please note, the TM symbol is optional and should be used with precaution for legal reasons. If in doubt, do use the standard version instead of the trademark version.

Primary Logo/Wordmark


02 / Colors

Defined by the TT Blue, our primary brand color exudes professionalism and trustworthiness. Complemented by the vibrant TT Orange and the subtle sophistication of TT Beige, our palette embodies the essence of our brand identity. While these core colors form the foundation of our visual identity, we also allow for the use of tints derived from our branded hues to add depth and flexibility to our collateral and marketing materials. By leveraging our simple yet dynamic color palette, we ensure consistency and coherence across all brand touchpoints.

TT Blue

CMYK 100, 83, 0, 34
RGB 10, 48, 116

TT Orange

CMYK 4, 76, 100, 0
RGB 233, 98, 36

TT Beige

CMYK 0, 5, 14, 0
RGB 254, 242, 219

03 / Typography

Our go-to font is Inter by Rasmus Andersson, accessible via Google Fonts. Inter is purposefully designed for digital screens, ensuring clear and readable text across all devices. Its versatility and modern aesthetic make it the perfect choice for our brand's communication needs. With Inter, we maintain a consistent and professional appearance while prioritizing accessibility for our audience.

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